Life Advice to Your Younger Self


What life advice would you give your younger self?

You have probably not even thought of this question if you are under 40 years of age. However, once you hit 40 and beyond, you tend to think about much more than you did in your younger years. At least that has been my experience. I was asked this question earlier today and it got me thinking about it. The question was posed to women over 40…”What advice would you give to women in their late 30’s?”

I’ll share some of the responses from others before I share my personal response to this question.

“40 is just a number. Take care of yourself and you will still feel like a kid.”

“Life gets better as you age because you know yourself better.” 

“Don’t ever settle.”

“Allow yourself to change your mind.”

“Never say anything bad about yourself. There are enough people willing to do that. Don’t help them.”

“Better alone than with bad company.”

“Try new things.”

“Say no sometimes. The world will keep spinning.”

“Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself.”

“Say please, thank you and you’re welcome.”

“Be proud of what you have accomplished and failed at…it is who you are.”

“Cut dead weight: family, friends, jobs, habits.”

“Spend time in silence. It’s when you hear the most.”

“Everyone has a different path. Enjoy yours.”

“Celebrate your body. Women are hard on their own appearance. Worst judges of themselves. Love who you are and be kind to yourself!”

Here’s how I answered the question…

“Learn to accept and love yourself because you are awesome!”

“Use the gifts God gave you to bring love & joy to others.”

“Always be learning & growing into your best self.”

“Life truly begins at 40!”


What advice would you give to someone under 40? Or what advice would you give to your younger self? Have you ever thought about that? I think I would tell my younger self to stop wasting time because none of us are guaranteed a certain number of years on this earth. I would tell my younger self to get up off the couch and engage in life so you don’t look back on all those good years with regret. Because here’s the thing about regret. It’s all about the past which means there is NOTHING we can do to change it. It’s already done. It’s over. It’s history and we can’t change history. What we can do is LEARN from it. 

If you have regrets over the past, don’t continue to live in regret. Choose today to focus forward, learn from the past, and position yourself so you don’t repeat it. Make a decision that your tomorrow will be different from your yesterday. It’s the best way to redeem the past and change regret into education. Everything we go through, everything that happens to us, every single experience we have whether positive, negative, or neutral can be an opportunity for education. Don’t let the past own you. Don’t let it control you. Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows, so focus on the present and the future. Make good choices, live fully into each day, and banish regret from your life forever.


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  1. Mark Montgomery

    Robin, another insightful blog. Regret does weigh on me and you lightened the load with your perspective. I would tell my younger self to slow down and enjoy the journey with my family. I drove too hard early in ministry and my first marriage shriveled from neglect. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Robin

      Thank you, Mark. I appreciate your comment & your openness in sharing.

  2. Darrelll

    Love the way you are living this not just writing about it!

    1. Robin

      Thank you, Love. It feels better doing it that way too!

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