For Such a Time as This

For such a time as this. It’s a phrase that comes from a story in the Bible about a young Jewish girl who is chosen to be the King’s wife, making her Queen Esther. She was an unlikely choice at the time but was chosen for her great beauty. In the Biblical account, there is a plot against the Jews, dreamed up by an evil villain, to destroy their population. Esther’s uncle learns of the evil plan and enlists her aid. Given her new position as Queen, he says to her, “Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for such a time as this?” To make a long story short, Queen Esther uses her influence with her husband, the King, to not only save the Jewish population in that kingdom but to destroy the evil villain as well.

For such a time as this makes me think of our world today. Our world is in crisis mode with many fears spreading faster than the virus itself. Our lives have been radically disrupted in a circumstance out of our control.

We find ourselves quarantined in our own homes, forced to spend time with our families. Not that we don’t love our families and want to spend time together but our patterns and routines have been disrupted. Many of us are not used to spending so many hours together, especially during the week. With school closures, businesses going remote, restaurant changes, movie theaters shut down, and even parks closing, we no longer have the choice in where we go. We are stuck at home all together.

Now, I don’t think our circumstances are as dire as the Jew’s situation in the book of Esther, although many people will lose their lives before this virus pandemic is over. We do, however, have a choice in how we approach this circumstance. We have an opportunity to embrace and cherish our loved ones in a unique way. When we are usually all going different directions to our jobs and schools, we now have the opportunity to cross paths much more often and even be in the same room together. What will we do with this gift? Will we squander it and complain or will we embrace it and learn from it?

Have you felt disconnected from your family? Do you secretly wish you were closer? Do you know the desires of your spouse’s heart? Have you talked to your kids about their dreams and hopes for the future?

It is our choice. We decide whether we will be negative and miss the chance to grow our relationships with our children and our spouse OR whether we will be positive and intentional in our choices so that we can learn from one another and draw closer. When we are intentional in our thoughts and actions, our impact increases. When is the last time you had a deep conversation with your spouse or your child? It’s hard to have deep conversations if you are not accustomed to having shallow ones so you may need to start there. It may require disengaging from our devices so we can reengage with the people we love.

I want to encourage you to view this opportunity as a gift. One of the greatest gifts we can give our loved ones is to be fully present when we are with them. Take this opportunity to ask questions, have conversations that dig a little deeper, play and be lighthearted, work on a project together, and while you are doing those things, be present. Live in the moment and soak it all in. Be grateful for the chance to spend more time than usual with your loved ones…for such a time as this.


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  1. Darrell

    Love it… looks like we were thinking a lot alike in our writing this morning.

    1. Robin

      Yes, we were, without even knowing it 😉

  2. Lynn

    Robin, thank you for your wisdom. I agree we should definitely take this opportunity to deepen bonds with our families and friends. Friendships can deepen by phone calls, messages or letters that show we care. God bless you!

    1. Robin

      Lynn, thank you for your comments. And yes, there are many ways to connect with one another. The main thing is to be intentional about it.

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