Stuck on the Island of Mediocrity

island of mediocrity

Ninety-nine percent of people are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things so they aim for mediocre. The definition of mediocre is “of only moderate quality; not very good; common; ordinary; average. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be labeled as ordinary or average or mediocre! 

What keeps people stuck on the island of mediocrity? There is safety and security in the crowd. That safe feeling explains the “mob mentality” in which people will be bolder in their behavior within a crowd than they will be when acting alone.


Another factor that keeps people stuck in mediocrity is that most people are not willing to fail. We can only be successful in the areas in which we are willing to fail. Most people’s self-worth is tied to their performance. So when they fail, to them it is proof that they are not good enough. This is really what keeps us stuck in mediocrity. If we aren’t willing to fail then we aren’t willing to learn from our mistakes. If we never learn, we never grow and the opportunity to develop into something more is thwarted.

Often, we think of failure as the enemy of success but this is simply not true. When we fail, we have two choices: We can either be discouraged by it or we can learn from it. If we are not willing to fail, the most we can hope for is average…mediocre.

If we want to grow into an extraordinary version of ourselves, we must be willing to fail. Failure brings humility and develops your character. It helps us laugh at our mistakes and not take things so seriously. 

The mediocre majority doesn’t value learning. The mediocre majority chooses entertainment and distraction over learning and growing. Hal Elrod said, “Repetition can be boring or tedious which is why so few people ever master anything.” There’s a smaller crowd and less competition on the road to extraordinary. 

Prioritizing learning and self-education may be new to you. Remember this, for every day you read a book, there are millions who don’t. For every morning you wake up early to create and produce, millions of others slept in. For every day you keep going, millions of others QUIT.

choose excellence

The moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the day you claim the power of change for anything in your life. Making the shift from an ordinary life to an extraordinary life is the most exciting decision you’ll ever make.

Choose excellence over mediocrity

Choose to learn over entertainment
Choose personal growth over jealousy
Choose what you want out of life, not what someone else wants.

Be willing to fail. Learn, discover, experiment, fail. Discover what works and build momentum. You will be amazed at how fast you’re going once you start moving forward. Enjoy the ride!


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  1. Darrell

    Great truths in this post!!!

    I love the fact that you are striving to live this out in your life. The growth is evident!

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