No Longer a Bystander


I have recently become a fan of Tony Robbins. I had heard of him many years ago, probably in my Oprah watching days, but didn’t know much about him. In November 2017, I was given an opportunity to go to a Tony Robbins live event in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was an Unleash the Power Within (UPW) weekend. Boy, let me tell you, if you’ve never been to a live Tony Robbins event, you should make it a priority to attend. This event changed the course of my life!

Before I ever walked through the door, I made a decision to be fully engaged

I committed to do everything that was asked of me. I wanted to get the most I could get from Mr. Robbins. This is not how I usually experience events. My usual modus operandi is to attend events, not to participate in them. I enjoy listening to a great musician or an inspiring speaker but I do it very passively. You see, I have always been a bystander.

I have spent most of my life watching other people do things. Happy to sit on the sidelines and watch my husband be involved in many activities and adventures, delighted to be his number one cheerleader. I have spent many years being a couch potato and choosing to watch TV or read a book rather than be active or even go outside. But something was stirring within me leading up to the fall of 2017.


Something was stirring within me that was causing me to feel unsatisfied and tired of the status quo. I had recently been thinking about making some major changes in my life. I have always been on the sidelines of life, so to speak, watching other people, especially my husband, accomplish things and achieve things and travel to wonderful places. My husband has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro…twice! He ran a half marathon in Los Angeles. He ran the full London Marathon. He traveled to Israel and Peru and Korea–all without me. 

I have enjoyed supporting my husband but I wanted more

I realized I wanted to experience more of life. I wanted to climb mountains and run races. I wanted to kayak on an awe-inspiring lake and ride my bike down a mountain trail on a beautiful sunny day.

I made a decision to NO LONGER BE A BYSTANDER!

Tony Robbins is so full of energy, knowledge and wisdom, sharing great concepts and solutions to our problems. But even with his great knowledge and wisdom, many people go away from an exciting event like that and do nothing with it. Or maybe they make a change here or there but nothing that really changes their lives or has lasting impact.


As I stated earlier, this event changed my life! Some of it had to do with timing. I was ready for a change, a new phase in my life. But I keep coming back to making a decision and being open to the whole experience before I walked through the doors. The decision to be fully engaged and to fully participate made all the difference.

One of the basic concepts Tony teaches is about how to make lasting change. It’s not just about thinking of an idea and wanting to change. Nor is it only about deciding to make a change.

Lasting change only happens when we make a decision to change but then follow that up with massive action.

My decision to be fully engaged was made before walking through the door. Once inside, I had to put action to that decision in order to fulfill the commitment. When Tony said, “OK, it’s time to stand up. Now I want you to jump up and down and keep jumping until I tell you to stop.” So I did it. I was No Longer a Bystander!

Have you ever felt stuck on the sidelines of life, wondering if you had any purpose? Do you wish you were more engaged in life and living it to the fullest? Is there something you need to take massive action on in order to move forward? Let me encourage you to do it. Don’t let inaction keep you from achieving your goal. Take one bold step forward. Please join me on this journey as I discover new insights and go boldly where I’ve never gone before.

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