I am More Than my Weight

Weight Loss Journey

I have been on a specific plan for weight loss for the last 2 months. Every Monday is weigh-in day. It means I weigh and measure myself first thing every Monday morning. The whole process is a little intimidating, as an overweight person. First, I strip down to nothing. I’m completely naked. In my bathroom. With the lights on at 5:30 in the morning. Now, there is a stark reality for you. I use the toilet, hoping to be as light as possible. Then I step on the scale, wishing and hoping that I have at least not gained anything. After weighing in, I measure certain body parts that I’m tracking. We use an acronym, WATCH, to make it easier to remember what to measure. Waist, Arm, Thigh, Chest, and Hips. I have added 2 more parts to my list that I specifically want to track.


So this week’s results were less than stellar, yet still in the losing category. Not by much, but I will take whatever I can get. I lost .2 pounds. That is not a typo. Point 2 pounds, not 2 pounds, but a fraction of a fraction of a pound! However, in choosing to look at the bright side, it is .2 pounds less than last week. Then on to measuring my various body parts and I have lost 3/4 of an inch. Again, nothing huge but in the lost category as well.

Now, I can compare myself to myself and the results from previous weeks and be disappointed. Last week, I lost 2 pounds and 3 inches. I was hoping to continue that trend this week. It didn’t happen.


I could compare myself to others who are in the same program. Honestly, it is really hard not to compare to others, especially the ones who started at the same time I did. It bothers me when I have a week of fewer than 2 pounds loss and I read about someone who lost 14 pounds in one freaking week! And yet, I understand that everyone is unique and on their own journey and some have more to lose than others. It still bugs me 😉

Comparison will rob us of success. It will rob us of joy and happiness. It will rob us of peace and contentment. Comparing ourselves to others will always lead to disappointment. So why do we do it? Why do we seem compelled to comparison?

Have you ever noticed that people don’t usually compare themselves to others who are doing poorly? We almost always compare up. We are looking at people who do it better or faster or without the struggles we encounter. We compare to thinner, healthier, stronger, better-looking people and we always come up wanting. We seem to think other people are more successful, make more money, have more friends, and are happier than we are.

What is Reality?

What is reality? Are they truly more successful? Do they make more money? Is their friend network really bigger? And the big question, are they truly happier than we are?

Of course, every situation is different and every person is unique but I want to say that generally speaking, the answer is NO. Everything is relative, even success, income, friend networks, and happiness. That person you see as more successful than you may not sleep at night because they are so overwhelmed by their work life. The person who appears to make more money, as evidenced by their “stuff,” may be maxed out on several credit cards. Oh, and that multitude of friends you see on Facebook is most likely lots of acquaintances and friends of friends. Happiness is relative too. How do you really measure happiness since it is different for every single person in the universe?

Mindset Shift

So, when I catch myself in comparison mode, I’m learning to stop, challenge, and choose my way to better thinking. We call it the Thought model and we use it to change the way we are feeling or acting by first changing the thought that’s causing those feelings.

As an example, in this morning’s scenario, I allowed myself a few moments of disappointment because, c’mon, .2 pounds, remember?! Then, I changed that negative line of thought to a more positive one. My message for myself today became, “You are more than your weight.” My weight is just a number on a scale and I am proactively working to lower that number through a very structured nutrition plan, a transformational habits of health system, a community of like-minded people and a personal coach.

I’m also very intentionally incorporating movement and activity into my formerly sedentary lifestyle. So, I understand there will be times when the number on the scale doesn’t move much but I refuse to let that keep me from moving forward on this journey. I am determined. I am fierce. I am strong. I will prevail!


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  1. Pam

    Robin, congrats on your weight lost. You are doing great. At least you are loosing. I started in Oct. and I have lost 25. I was trying to get better blood sugars and the weight lost was the blessing.

    1. Robin

      Thank you, Pam! Congratulations to you too! 25 lbs is an awesome weight loss. Great job!

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