Got Purpose?


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Is your life random? Do you do certain tasks only when you feel like it? Are you waiting for the inspiration or motivation to hit you before you act? Do you long for more purpose in your life? More meaning? Oddly enough, structure may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

If you are a free spirit, you probably balk at the thought of structure. Many people do not like the idea of their life being structured or planned. It goes against their personality type or enneagram number. And yet, even free spirits want to feel their life has purpose and meaning.

For many years, I resisted structure. I didn’t like things to be planned out and I certainly didn’t want the calendar dictating my actions. I was more of a “fly by the seat of my pants, kind of gal.” I wanted to be in control of what I did and when I did it. In reality, I was resisting accountability. I thought that if I didn’t plan it or structure my day around a certain task, then it was no big deal if it didn’t get done. Who would know? 

But at the same time, I was also struggling with knowing I wasn’t living up to my potential. I was lazy in some areas of my life like my health, my finances, my spiritual life, even cleaning my house. I knew there were other creative projects I wanted to do but had a hard time following through. I was great at starting things but not very good at finishing them.

Along with the struggle of not living up to my full potential came another area of struggle. I didn’t feel there was much purpose or meaning in my life.  As I was coasting through much of my life, I was not feeling fulfilled or getting much satisfaction (are you hearing the Rolling Stones in your head right now). 

When I started changing my mindset and growing in my personal development, I began to see changes in other areas. As I started incorporating structure and good habits into my daily life, I began to feel better about myself. As my self-esteem grew my desire to be more engaged in life grew and that led to living into my potential to a greater extent.

As I have used my gifts and abilities to a larger degree, I have experienced more meaning and purpose in my life. This has been compounded by consistency in my daily/weekly habits. As I have allowed my life to be more structured, I have felt more positive about my contribution to the world. You may think the opposite of randomness is structure. I believe the opposite of randomness is being intentional. Compounded by consistency, the intentional structure promotes purpose and meaning in our lives.

Here are some tools that have helped me tremendously with developing habits and structure in my life. If you are feeling a little out of control and want more meaning out of life, I encourage you to check these out and begin today. What you do today will determine the outcome of your tomorrows. 



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