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Hello and welcome to my personal growth blog. My name is Robin and I’m so happy you stopped by. My hope is that you will return often. I’m writing about life, love, health and personal growth and how the decisions we make every day impact each of those areas. Inspiration is what I’m after, not just to get you to think about things but to move you to action, to No Longer Be a Bystander!

My Story in a Nutshell​

I spent many years sitting on the couch, watching life pass by, choosing to watch television or read instead of being active which caused me to become overweight and out of shape. I’m married to a very active and adventurous man who has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (twice) and run in the London Marathon. While I love supporting my husband, I grew tired of just watching him accomplish his adventures. I felt like I was missing out and I didn’t want to be left behind. I was tired of standing on the sidelines so I made a decision to NO LONGER be a BYSTANDER. By making that decision, I am choosing to be fully engaged in life and want to share my journey of personal transformation with you. Come along with me as we discover the truth about ourselves and apply it to our lives.

5K in Sun City, AZ Feb 2018

The first major activity I took part in after deciding to No Longer Be a Bystander was a 5K in Sun City, Arizona. I started training in December 2017 and walked/jogged my way to the finish line in February 2018. I was 56 at that time.

Wonder Woman 5K 2019

Wonder Woman 5K in Tempe, AZ March 2019 COMPLETED!!

We did it!! We completed the Wonder Woman 5K in Tempe, AZ and crossed the finish line together! Very special time with my girl.

UPDATE: My husband  Darrell, daughter Kelli and I completed the Run For the Zoo in Albuquerque, NM on May 5, 2019. Our finish time was 8 minutes, 32 seconds FASTER than our time from the Wonder Woman event in March!! 


co-authoring a book with my husband, Darrell


My husband, Darrell and I had originally planned to write a book together. That has been put temporarily on hold because we decided to start a completely new venture. It’s a marriage thing!

We believe every marriage can be an extraordinary one so we have created XtraO Marriage. We have a website XtraOMarriage.com where we will provide resources, tools and exercises to help your marriage go from ordinary to extraordinary (XtraO). Check it out by clicking on the link above.


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  1. Cool!!

  2. I want to be the first to tell you how incredibly proud I am of you. You are an amazing woman and this journey has not only been transformational on your life but in ours together. You ROCK baby! Congrats on the epic launch day as you fully engage in this online blog world. So proud to call you my wife and my Wonder Woman. What an extraordinary life we live.

    1. Thank you Babe! I appreciate your love and support so much!

  3. Hey Robin, I am so proud of the woman you are becoming and accepting new challenges. You are an inspiration to me. This new blog is a great way to share with all of us. I enjoyed reading it and seeing your sweet smile. Yes, and way to go sweet Kelli… grandma is proud of you and your challenges.

    1. Thank you Mom! I appreciate your support!

  4. Love seeing your life in action Robin! Keep writing!

    1. Connie, thank you for your encouragement!

  5. Robin you are so awesome and inspiring! Can’t wait to follow your journey!!

    1. Thank you Sara! Let’s journey together.

  6. How exciting your blog is truly a blessing. So many of us can be distracted by seeing life on the sidelines instead of doing life. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to take a leap of faith and no longer be a bystander 😁

    1. Thank you Francis! I appreciate your encouraging words!

  7. Robin my dear friend, you are believeably talented! Love this!! 💕 Well done . . . 👏

    1. Thank you so much, sweet friend. I appreciate your support!

  8. Great blog! So happy for you and excited for more to come

    1. Martha, thank you for your encouragement!

  9. Inspiring to read your blog and to catch up on your new adventures! Can’t wait to hear more about the book! 😉

    1. Thanks Jeanette! I appreciate your support!

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